Last Update: Jan 7, 2006

This section features some of my latest projects. Spare time being limited these days, I don't get as much time to work on personal projects as I'd like. The following are just some of the projects I've been working on over the last few months. Since this section features unfinished work and many work in progress (w.i.p.) renders I'm just going to leave it as a loose format page with just images and notes.


*2005 Ford Mustang* - Cave Mech - *Billy and Jimmy* - Otsego Prime

2005 Ford Mustang - *New*

A low poly model of one of my favourite cars. This was started as part of a small online project to create a racing game using a pre-made engine and models submitted by each of the participants.

- Normally I don't do low-poly work, but I thought this would be an interesting challenge. The final model is just under 3600 triangles (3592 to be exact). I'm currently waiting on the release of a texturing toolset necessary for the game engine before I can finish the texturing.

Cave Mech

I originally started this model as part of a contest on The contest asked for the creation of a "prehistoric" looking weapon, not necessarily something that would be used in prehistoric times. I came up with the Cave Mech:

- My goal with this piece was to create a completely believable "machine". I spent a great deal of time planning out how all the joints would work so that this thing would actually work if someone were crazy enough to build it. As it was, the deadline was too short for what I was trying to achieve so I did not get to finish it off the way I was hoping. I have every intention of revisting this project and finishing it off. Most of the textures have already been completed, and only a couple more hours of modelling is needed to call it complete.

Billy and Jimmy - *Updated*

An ongoing project with some recurring characters. I've always wanted to have some characters I could use in a series of images and these two are them:

- Just a quick image introducing the two characters. My original intentions for this image is to create a poster "advertising" the short animation these two will be featured in. This particular image is on hold until I can come up with a better composition.

- Another quick image. As with the previous image, I had bigger plans for this one, but have put it on hold until I can refine the concept.

I have several other concept drawings for various scenes featuring Billy and Jimmy, and I'll be posting them one I start working on the actual 3d scenes.

Otsego Prime

My Goal with this project is to create a detailed scene featuring one character fighting off an army of monsters. The deadline for this scene is January 31 as I'm going to be submitting it for consideration for an upcoming art book. Once I make some more progress on this image I'll talk more about the process I'm going through and how I want the final image to turn out.

- Grey render from MAX with temp textures painted over in Photoshop

- Grey render showing a close up of the detail I'm adding to the character

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