Last Update: December 1, 2005

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- Personal Work -

The Secluded Workshop - Sept. 17, 2006
A magical workshop in a dark forest. (Low poly)

The Old Room - May 26, 2003
A dirty old decrepit room.

The Robotics Lab - Dec 2, 2003
A futuristic laboratory.
-1st place in Maya's monthly art contest (Mar 2004)
-1st place in Max-Realm's monthly art contest (Feb 2004)

The Shack - Mar 30, 2002
A small shack out in the woods.
-1st place in "Toronto Computes" 5th annual Digital Design Contest (Jun 2002)

The Preacher - Apr 3, 2004
A robotic preacher.

The Church - Apr 15, 2004
A futuristic church.

The Sentinel - Jan 15, 2004
My take on one of the Sentinels from The Matrix.
-1st place in's Character Modelling Master Contest (Jan 2004)

The Stereo - Sept 6, 2004
A model of my RCA stereo.


- Modelling Tournament 2004 -

From early Septermber 2004 til the end of November 2004 I competed in a 3D Modelling tournament. The tournament consisted of 5 rounds. Each round would have a new theme for an image and competitors would be paired up with the winner moving on. I managed to go through all 5 rounds and win first place. My work was also chosen as the best of each round by the judges and forum members.

Round 1 - "It grew from a teapot - Sept 27, 2004
A teapot with mutant plants growing out of it.
-Forum pick for Best of Round

Round 2 - "It has an interesting shadow - Oct. 8, 2004
He's signing a plea bargin.
-Forum pick for Best of Round

Round 3 - "Alone in the Superunknown" - Oct. 22, 2004
-Forum pick for Best of Round

Round 4 - "Big? No dude, that thing's HUGE" - Nov. 5, 2004
Two inseperable friends fishing in dangerous waters.
-Forum pick for Best of Round

Round 5 - "Ah-ha! So that's how they did it" - Nov. 30, 2004
A dirty old basement.
-Forum pick for Best of Round
The Tutorial that goes with the image.


- Modelling Tournament 2005 -

The second Maxforums modelling tournament began in March 2005, and ran until the end of September 2005. Like the previsous tournament, this one consisted of 5 rounds, each with it's own unique theme. The competition was much steeper this time around, but my hard work and determination paid off, and I managed to go through all 5 rounds and win first place for a second year in a row.

Round 1 - "What's in the Fridge? - Mar. 24, 2005
A midnight snack turned deadly?

Round 2 - "A prehistoric weapon - Apr. 12, 2005
Sticks and stones might break your bones, but this thing will kill you.

Round 3 - "Claymation!" - Jun. 26, 2004

Round 4 - "It's a long way down!" - Jul. 24, 2005
A tribute to Don Hertzfeldt's "Billy's Balloon".

Round 5 - "Festival!" - Sept. 12, 2005
Billy and Jimmy and Friends wishing you a "Happy Nuclear Day!".

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